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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Executive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is a unique experience of professional seminars specially designed for each delegation. The program incorporates academic lectures given by leading proffesors alongside an in-practice exposure to the Israeli innovation eco-system, all to provide an in-depth understanding of the unique phenomenon called the ‘Startup Nation’. We aim to equip our program participants not only with knowledge, but with practical tools and business connections, set to induce inspiration and innovation.


Discover how Israel became the Startup Nation by learning about the social, cultural, political and economic factors which together constitute the key components in the creation of the unique Israeli eco system.


Network with the most innovative startup founders and entrepreneurs, leading professors who do ground-breaking academic research, founders of venture capital funds, and representatives of the Israeli government.


Learn various strategies to drive innovation and creativity from the perspective of both the entrepreneur and the investor.

Why Israel?

leaders of innovation

With only 69 years and a population of 8 million people, Israel has managed to position itself as one of the world’s leaders of innovation.


more than 5,000 startups

There are more than 5,000 startups active in Israel, and 250 R&D centers of leading global companies, such as Google and Intel.


1st in the world

Israel is 1st in the World in expenditure on R&D (research & development) as % of GDP, demonstrating innovation, development and creativity. Israel was also ranked 1st in the world in the rate of per-capita R&D spending globally, and 1st in the world in per- capita VC investment and 2nd in the world on innovation.


World Wide Inventions

Israeli inventors have affected our daily life. Among the most innovative technologies and products that we use every day we can find many Israeli innovations, such as the USB, VOIP, Pill-cam, water irrigation, solar windows, cherry tomatoes, Baby-Sense, etc.


Startup Nation

Israel has the 2nd largest number of foreign companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange than any other country in the world after China. This being one of the main indicators for why Israel is being dubbed the ‘Startup Nation’.


Israeli startups

As for the year of 2016, 75 Israeli tech startups were sold, raising $4.6 billion in total funding. In the same year, Israeli startups alone raised about 4.2 billion USD.


The Hebrew University is Israel’s premier university as well as its leading research institution. It is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world.

The university encourages multidisciplinary activities in Israel and overseas, and serves as a bridge between academic research and practical applications.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem was founded in 1918 and opened officially in 1925. Among its founders are Albert Einstein, Martin Buber and Sigmund Freud.

The recognition the Hebrew University has attained confirms its reputation for excellence and its leading role in the scientific community. It offers a wide array of courses in the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences and medicine.

The Hebrew University has set as its goals the training of public, scientific, educational and professional leaders; the preservation of and research into Jewish, cultural, spiritual and intellectual traditions; and the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of all humanity.

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